Sony Walkman WM-EX5

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A Childhood Dream – the 1996 Sony Walkman WM-EX5!

You see an exclusive and very rare Walkman in colour blue with the original box.
This device is delivered with all necessary accessories and ready to use. It is a really exclusive piece of technology for collectors and nostalgics.
The cassettes are back… play your music of your childhood or early youth. Everyone loved and hated the cassettes, you remember the tape salad and rewinding the audio tape with the pencil?

Travel into the past… take a look at your lost mixtapes and sit back in a cosy chair.
You can now enjoy the old music with the lovely background noise. Listen to your recorded music 20 years ago.
It wakes up recollections and a source of pleasure!

This high-end walkman with a fantastic sound (GROOVE SOUND SYSTEM), an elegant metal casing and a mirror front works perfect. Only the Dolby Nr button is damaged.

Here are some important facts:
backlight LCD remote control with continuous long playback, sound mode function (Revive, Mega Bass, Groove), 9 Songs AMS ( Automatic Music Sensor) and 36 times FF/REW speed